Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

This is about to be the most boring post you've ever read. Trust me. If you're still sleepy, please pair this post with a cup - or twelve - of coffee.

I worked late.
Went home.
Organized some more boxes.
Went to bed.

I worked.
I went to my parent's house to watch Survivor and The Apprentice* with my momma.
Went to bed.
At my parent's house.
Because I can.

Went to Sunday School.
Went home.
Went to dinner with Lindsay.
Went back home.
Watched Real Housewives of Beverly Hills** on DVR.
Did some laundry.
Went to my parent's house.
Because I left my shoes there and I needed them.
Went to bed.

Yes, yes I am a rockstar.
Thank you for asking.

*I knew it was Adnan who cheated! I knew it!

**I am addicted. Shoot me.

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  1. i watch the real housewives too. not atlanta though... dc almost put me into a coma it was so boring.


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