This is me; I'm Whitney.

I'm a bit of a walking contradiction.
I'm loud and opinionated, but I have my moments of quiet and introspection.

I'm 27 and I live in Memphis in a super cute house with the best roommate ever.

It's taken a lot of years, but I've finally come to a place where I know and like who I am.  I've always been confident, but I believe self-assurance comes with age.  Apparently, I'm old enough to have that little merit badge.

I'm a proud pug momma.

This is Ida Claire.
She's a mess and a half, but I love her.  

I love my family and friends and I'm fiercely loyal to them.

I am somewhat of a spelling snob.

I'm obsessed with all things fashion and home decor.  I went to Cosmetology school, but I didn't finish.  Cue "Beauty School Dropout."

I love: fashion, home decor, office supplies, Chick Fil A, reality television, dollar stores, current events, hot chocolate, entertaining, pedicures, holidays and winter weather.

I loathe: rude people, unnecessary physical contact, driving, vegetables, humidity, cats and cleaning.

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