Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Week in Review

My birthday week was busy!

I thought I would show you a little of what I've been up to!

So, not this past Friday but the Friday before we went down to a local homeless shelter and served dinner and held church service for the guys there. It was an awesome opportunity to see how blessed I really am and to be able to give back a little bit. Afterwards, my roommate Wendi and I hosted a little Harvest Party at our house!

We had a pumpkin carving contest.

Everyone voted anonymously and the winner(s) got their favorite meal cooked and served by us! I know everyone was hoping for a flat screen television, but I'm not Donald Trump. I don't even work for DT.

This is the winning pumpkin done by my friends Jason, Eric and Steve.
He's a little intense, no? They named him "Gourdan Gekko" and I regret to inform everyone that Mr. Gekko was met with an untimely death at the hands of our trash man yesterday morning.
This is my friend Melissa and I at the party. I originally had a much cuter shirt on, but it got pumpkin all over it.

The next week following the Harvest Party I actually had three days off of work leading up to my birthday and I planned to enjoy them!

Tuesday night W, Melissa and Lindsay went to Ciao Bella and these are our happy/food comatose faces afterwards.

Wednesday night Lindsay & W took me out for my birthday. We went to Mollie Fontaine's and it was ah-mazing. AMAZING.

I got the Key Lime martini and it was the best martini I've ever had!
If you go there, you must try it and the macaroni and cheese!

Lindsay and I at Mollie Fontaine's.

Afterwards, we were scheduled to go to the Peabody for drinks, but apparently there were other plans of which I wasn't aware. Until I had "Wicked" tickets set in front of me! I had wanted to go so badly and Lindsay and W surprised me with tickets!

I was BEYOND excited! The show was incredible! I will see it every single time it comes to Memphis from now on!

After the show we did go to the Peabody.


Thursday morning - my actual birthday - I wouldn't do anything else until I did this:
W and I got in line an hour before the polls opened and it was a good thing, too because there was a line wrapped around the place at 10am.

Afterwards I went shopping and had lunch with my mom and then family dinner that night.
Ida Claire was tired from all the celebrating she was doing.

I had such an amazing birthday and I'm so thankful and excited for the next year of my life! I know it's going to be amazing!


  1. YAYS!!! Glad you had such an awesome bday!!

  2. So glad you had a wonderful birthday!!! Love you!!!!!!!! :)


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