Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Day Late & A Dollar Short

So, I didn't post my weekend wrap-up yesterday because, well, it was Monday. And I was training someone at work. And I didn't have time. And I don't really know why I feel like I keep having to explain myself, but I do.
I'm sorry.

But here it is - albeit a day late.

So, you know we had a garage sale this weekend and for some reason my living room still looks like this.

Yes, a Level 5 tornado did hit my home. Thank you very much for asking.

And, I said this on Twitter last night, but for some reason I felt it was ok to leave my living room in that shape and watch a movie. Clearly my priorities are in place.

Anyway, garage sale Saturday. Literally did not go to sleep on Friday night getting ready for it, made about $300 total and then crashed about 3pm after lunch with the fam and Wendi and her momma.

And PS: this was the temp Saturday morning when we started.

Layers people. Layers.

Saturday night I had dinner with a friend at Houston's and then crashed again about midnight. I was such the party animal this weekend.

Sunday after church and lunch with my Sunday School class I ran some errands and met up with Wendi to go to this amazing place:

Seriously, have y'all been to Sweet CeCe's? It's amazing. Please go there immediately. And if you don't have one - my condolences.

Anyway, it was a busy weekend. Non-stop. And yesterday that just continued.

Thankfully, I love being busy!


  1. YAY for making some dough!!! Garage sales are so exhausting and such hard work!!!!

  2. Wow $300!! that's awesome!! and 33 degrees!?!? yikes thats cold!


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