Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Customer is Always Right?

I mentioned before that I work in a service based industry.

I'm a Store Manager at a large National Retailer, so I'm very much into Customer Service. I think it's a dying art and one that a lot of businesses have abandoned over the years.

Well at my company and in my store, we have no abandoned it. It's #1 priority for me - even behind sales. Don't tell my DM that.

I will always strive to please the customer, but there are some customers that are more difficult to work with than others.

Take this one:

Me: "I like your hat."

Extremely Tomboyish Female Customer in Possession of an Uncharacteristically Cute Fashion Accessory: "Yeah, right." 

Me: "I'm sorry?" 

ETFCiPoaUCFA: "I know your kind. You're all the same with your skirts and clickety clackety heels waltzing around this store. You don't like my hat, you just want to lie to make a sale." 

Me: "I'm sorry it came off that way, but I really do like your hat." 

ETFCiPofUCFA: "No, you don't. It's all about the sale."

Ok, let's take this in two parts:

A: Yes, I want to make a sale. I work in sales. It's how I make money. Selling things.

B: If I wanted to lie about something, it would have been her man jeans or clunky tennis shoes. Not her extremely cute tweed newsboy cap.

And for the record, I was wearing a tweed skirt that day. I must actually have been lying to myself as well when I picked that thing up off the rack and decided it was cute enough to purchase. Shame on me.

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