Monday, September 27, 2010

My Schedule

Side note: When you see the word "schedule" do you want to say it like the British say it?

This week is about to be intense. Intense on crack, actually.

I'm currently on Day 5 of an 8 day stretch at work because I'm off this weekend to move!!!

How many boxes do I have packed? That would be ONE box.

So, this is what my week is going to look like:

Monday: work 10 - 8, pack

Tuesday: work 10 - 8, birthday cake with my grandpa, pack

Wednesday: work 10 - 8, buy paint for new house, Bed Bath & Beyond for last minute needs, finish packing

Thursday: work 10 - 8, pay 1st month's rent and get keys, start moving

Friday: paint, paint, paint

Saturday: move, move, move

We're having a moving party, so if any of y'all are in town and just feel like spending 3 hours moving stuff then you're more than welcome to come! Appropriate moving day refreshments(i.e. pizza and beer) are being served!

This is going to be SUCH a busy week, but I'm so excited and thankful! 

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  1. So excited for you and the big move. Love you!!!!


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